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Where Did You Shop in Buffalo Grove?


Where did you go shopping for clothes in Buffalo Grove in 1860? 

Buffalo Grove only had one store starting in the 1860s, the Weidner General Store, and there were not that many options for clothing. The store did stock some mens and womens clothes and accessories, but they also stocked a lot of fabric. If you needed a specific piece of clothing, you were most likely making it yourself.

Pictured on the left is the Weidner General Store in 1909 (was located at the corner of Church Rd. and Buffalo Grove Road). The Weidner General Store was in business from the 1860s until the 1940s. As you can see, Buffalo Grove was not a busy town - there was the store, St. Mary Church, and the Tavern. 

Pictured below is a receipt from 1895 and pair of gloves you could buy from the store. 


The Day to Day

Most Buffalo Grove residents were farmers. The day to day outfits for men and women made working easier and included a lot of cotton and wool pieces. Men often wore cotton shirts and wool or cotton pants or overalls.  Women wore cotton dresses, often in darker colors because they were cheaper and more practical. 

Take a look below at the close up of residents in front of the Weidner Creamery and Cheese Factory in the 1890s. What types, styles, and colors of clothing do you see?

Where Did You Shop in Buffalo Grove?