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Christmas Postcards and Letters


Collection of postcards and letters from the Raupp Museum Archive sent around Christmas, C. 1900-1920.

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Historic Cookbooks


Collection of cookbooks from the 1880s to 1970s.

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Buffalo Grove's First Neighborhood


Objects and archives related to the "First Neighborhood" exhibit.

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Resources for Educators

Pioneer Covered Wagon Packing Activity.pdf

Downloadable materials to accompany our digital programs.

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Buffalo Grove Days Event


Collections related to the history of Buffalo Grove Days, a community celebration event held each year over Labor Day weekend.

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Weidner General Store


Receipts and related photos/objects from the Weidner General Store between 1890s and 1910s.

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Esper A. Petersen Foundation Collection

Accessioned items purchased by museum through Esper Peterson funds.

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Day in the Life of a Buffalo Grove Kid


Objects, photos, and archive materials that would be part of the life of a child in Buffalo Grove in 1910.

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