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One (1) black taffeta silk jacket. Jacket is black taffeta with lace cuffs and lapels. There is black cording design on the bottom of both lapels. There are two front buttons, as well as buttons on the side - buttons that tie closed, not through a…

One (1)taffeta silk black skirt. Skirt has two layers of clasps in the back to pin closed, and folds over in the back. The front has a corded embossed design on the front bottom.

Girls white cotton union suit undergarment. Has a draw string neck with a lace a weave pattern accent. Legs have an 1 inch lace ruffle. Reverse side has a flap with three button closures. Hole on either side of the hip area.

Small brown card tag…

One (1) cream-colored cotton knit union suit (underwear). Short-sleeved, long pant underwear. Probabyl worn by a young boy. Round neck, five (5) buttons, has bottom opening. Marks: "Servis Wear, Utica "Bodyguard" Knite" trademark.

Off white Child's slip/jumper. Lingerie straps tucked at waist, 1" horizontal pleat and seven 1/4" pleats on lower skirt. Scalloped lace at bottom in strawberry design. Two buttons on back.

One (1) beige cotton petticoat. One (10 button waistband, double layered at bottom 14" of petticoat. Top layer is cutwork embroidery; bottom layer has two pieces sewn to top layer.

Black and white photographic print with white border. Image of two children seated in the grass with a flooded area of trees behind them. The children are wearing hats with rolled brims and wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts. reverse side has…

One (1) black and white photograph postcard. On the front is a photo of Josephine Hoenner Welter. She is standing with her right hand resting on a floral upholstery chair. She is wearing a long white lace tunic style dress and floppy white hat with…

Black and white print with sepia tones. Portrait image of a couple. The woman is seated on the left wearing a large hat and holding a bouquet of flowers in her lap. She is wearing a long jacket with a vertical row of asymmetrical front button…

Black and white print with yellowed border. Image of four women standing around or seated in the driver side of a car with license plate mounted to front: "244 cal 23 837." All of the women are wearing hats. reverse ink inscription text: "My…
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