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Buffalo Grove Days: Celebrating Community


Buffalo Grove Days has been a community celebration since the 1960s. It has been a good place to make friends, meet neighbors, and celebrate everything Buffalo Grove. Events have included a parade, homemakers contest, and race! Explore the history of event and what it means to our community. 

Buffalo Grove's First Neighborhood


The first neighborhood in Buffalo Grove wasn't built until the late 1950s. Al Frank, local builder, built the first neighborhood along Bernard Drive. After that, the predominantly farmland became neighborhoods and shopping centers in the following years. Learn more about this transitional time in "The First Neighborhood" exhibit.

Day in the Life of a Buffalo Grove Kid, C. 1910


The Chicago suburbs were not always the bustling, packed places they are today. They were much quieter, smaller, and stinkier - That is if you were a kid on a dairy farm in Buffalo Grove, Illinois! Explore what a day would be like for a child, 7-8 years old, that lived in Buffalo Grove in 1910.  

Historic Cookbook Gallery


Take this Thanksgiving holiday to explore Thanksgiving receipes from the historic cookbooks in our collection. This gallery features photos of cookbooks from the 1880s to 1980s.

Click on any of the cookbooks listed on the right for a gallery of images and more information. 

Keep Your Receipts: Shopping In Buffalo Grove 100 Years Ago


When you need the essentials today, there is no limit to the store options you have and the variety of brands to choose from for your clothes, cleaning supplies, food, or even coffee maker. 

After shopping, how long would you keep your receipts for? A few minutes, a day, the end of the month? The Weidner General Store in Buffalo Grove kept receipts for many months, tracking shoppers credits. Now 100 years later, those receipts tell us about what people bought, how much, and the variety of goods they could pick up at their store in Buffalo Grove. 

Take time in this online exhibit to explore some old receipts, try to dissect the handwritting (its harder than you think), and compare what looks similar or different from your weekly shopping list.  

Keeping in Touch


Today there are many ways that we can communicate with our friends and family. We understand the importance of keeping in touch, sharing important information, and updating each other on the latest changes in our lives.  This principle has been important for friends and families for hundreds of years, the methods just took different form. In this exhibit, explore how two sisters stayed in touch over 100 years ago. 

New Objects at the Museum


Explore recently donated items into the Museum's collection! Learn how to donate an item to the Museum and what we consider when accepting donations. 

Resources for Educators

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