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Men's Fashion


Threshing at Michael Raupp Farm, C. 1908

Fashion Vs. Function

Almost all of Buffalo Grove's residents were farmers and men worked from sun up to sun down on the farm. Dairy farming was most common in Buffalo Grove, and with any farming, it involved hard manual labor and being outside with animals a lot. 

Cotton and wool were common fabrics for making everyday clothing. They were cheaper than other fabrics and strong. Hats were a common accessory to shield your face from the sun.  Despite spending most of their time farming, men in Buffalo Grove also attended church, special events, and weddings.  A black suit and fancy hat were the go-to outfit for many of these events.

Pictured above are many men working on Michael Raupp's farm in 1908. Pictured below are some men on their wedding day in suits and everyday wear.  


Men's Baseball Pants, C. 1920

Men's Baseball Pants, C. 1920

Wool pants were common for men in the late 19th and early 20th century. While these were not everyday pants, these baseball pants give an idea of the color and sturdiness of wool.  These pants were made by Lowe and Campbell Athletic Goods Co. Despite being used multiple times to play baseball, they are still in good condition aside from a few small tears! 

Wool and cotton were preferable for men in Buffalo Grove for everyday wear and work clothes.