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Meet the Sisters

Exchanging postcards and letters was a common method for keeping in touch 100 years ago. It was convenient and cheaper than trying to find a telephone to place a call, which was a rare commodity at that time. This exhibit explore how sisters Anna and Josephine Hoenner kept in touch. They frequently exchanged letters since they lived in different towns, Anna in Chicago and Josephine in Buffalo Grove. To begin, learn a little bit about the lives of each woman below...


Josephine Hoenner and Frank Welter, C. 1912

Josephine Hoenner (Welter)

Josephine Hoenner was born on June 15th, 1893 to Joseph Hoenner and Josephine Vokinger. Josephine lived in Buffalo Grove with her husband Frank Welter. Frank owned the Welter Filling Station on Route 83 in Buffalo Grove. They had four children together, two boys and two girls. 


Anna Ackerman with colleagues, C. 1910

Anna Hoenner (Ackerman)

Anna Hoenner was born in 1894, to Joseph Hoenner and Josephine Vokinger. Anna was the younger of the two sisters, but by only a year. Anna lived in Chicago when she was younger and worked as a secretary for Master Plumbing Association on the twelveth floor of the Schiller Building in Chicago and as a bookeeper for an Electric Repair Shop. She met Harry Ackerman and they got married in 1914.