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Time for School and Some Fun


St. Mary Parish Schoolroom, C. 1910-1918

Time to learn!

After your morning chores, it would be time to head to school! There was only one school house in Buffalo Grove - St. Mary's School. Everybody under the age of 14 went there.  Since St. Mary's was a Catholic school, you would be taught by the Parish nuns for all your lessons. All the boys and girls in town crowded into the one room schoolhouse. There were chalkboards for completing lessons and books for learning math, spelling, and geography.


Sanders New Series School Reader: Second Reader, C. 1850-1860.

You learned about everything at school...

At school you were taught all the different subjects – math, science, geography, reading, and English. English was important because you would only speak German at home. Your parents came to the United States 20 years ago, and mostly spoke German at home.

Since your school was run by the Catholic church in town - St. Mary Parish - there was atleast one prayer during the day as well.

Time for School and Some Fun