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Finishing up the Busy Day


Washboard, C. early 20th century.

Time to do the laundry and finish chores...

You had to run home after playing at school to help with afternoon chores. These included cleaning up the barn, checking the chicken coop, and cleaning up for dinner.

You had some dirty laundry left out that needed to be cleaned for school tomorrow.

  • You grabbed a big metal pail and the washboard with some soap to clean out your clothes.
  • You pumped water by the barn into your pail and begin cleaning. Using a washboard to clean clothes is hard work but you have gotten used to it.
  • You had to clean fast so that you had plenty of time over night to dry your clothes on the porch.

Phew! All finished with that... time for dinner and sleep.

1995.06.003.02 binding.JPG

Prayer Book, C. 1911

Time for prayer and sleep...

After cleaning and having dinner, you and your family said prayers and got ready for bed.

You grabbed your small prayer book you received at 1st Holy Communion and read the next passage in German. You hopped into bed next to one of your siblings to sleep for the next day! Your farmhouse was just big enough to accommodate all 8 kids in your family.

You knew it was important to get lots of sleep because it was going to be an early morning…