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Print, Photographic
Mr. and Mrs. Quirine Weidner and Family




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One (1) black and white sepia toned photo. Image of Mr and Mrs. Quirine Weidner and family (11 total people pictured). There are six girls and three boys, and the mother and father. The mother is on the right of the father, and both as seated with one young girl in a white dress seated between them. The mother is wearing a black dress with white embroidered lace around her neck ,The father is wearing a black suit and tie with a white undershirt, and two pins on his left breast. There is a standing young man to the fathers left with a dark colored suit jacket and knee length pants, with a white undershirt. Behind him is a girl with curled hair and a white bow with a black dress. On her right is a women with a white dress on. To her right is a women with a stripped white and black dress and white undershirt. To her right is a girl with her hair pulled back with cloth, a white dress with a ribbon around the waist. To her right is a young girl with white lace dress and white ribbon around her waist, short hair with a white bow on her head. The mom is holding a child (boy?) in a white dress and blond hair. In the background, left, is a trellis scene with plants. On the back is handwritten "Mr and Mrs Quirine Weidner and Family". There is a note attached "In Edwin's history, p. 100).


Photographic Paper


10" x 8"