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Black and white photographic print. Image of the John Raupp and Maria Margaret Weidner's family. Nineteen people are seated and standing in three rows in the family's floral wallpapered parlor. John and Maria seated between two nuns in the front.

One (1) black and white sepia toned photo. Image of Mr and Mrs. Quirine Weidner and family (11 total people pictured). There are six girls and three boys, and the mother and father. The mother is on the right of the father, and both as seated with…

Black and white print with warm brown tones. Portrait image of Sister M. Adelphia Weidner (Antonette) standing and wearing glasses, a nun's habit with double veil, and large crucifix necklace. Church setting background.

Two oval black and white images printed on a postcard. Images of two seated men wearing three-piece suits; man on left wearing a bow tie; man on right wearing a necktie. reverse has postcard text and addressed to Mr & Mrs A M Raupp Buffalo Grove…

One (1) hand colored photo of a baby seated in a large wicker chair. The baby has on a dress with white shoes, and is holding something in her right hand towards her mouth.

One (1) black and white photograph of two girls for First Holy Communion/Confirmation. The girl on the left is seated and holding a Bible in both hands. The girl on the right is standing and holding a Bible in her left hand. They are both wearing…

One (1) black and white sepia toned photograph of a man and woman (bride and groom). The bride is on the right and is wearing a light colored wide-brim hat, mid-calf length dress with matching jacket. The jacket has a large bouquet of flowers pinned…

One (1) black and white photograph of a young man for his Confirmation. The young man is standing in a black jacket with black shorts and tights. He has on a white undershirt and white tie. There is a white boutinere on his left lapel. His left hand…

One (1) black and white sepia toned photograph of a young man. Man is wearing a three piece suit with dark coat, vest, and pants, and a white undershirt with dark tie. His right arm is resting on a decorative pillar with a bouquet of flowers on top.…

One (1) black and white portrait photograph of an two unknown children from the waist up. One boy and one girl (?). The girl is older and has her right arm around the younger boy. She is wearing a white shirt with black vest and flowers on the…
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