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Threshing: A Midwest Tradition


Threshing:  A Midwest Tradition

Just like farmers across the Midwest, Buffalo Grove farmers in the early 1900s participated in the annual tradition of Threshing.  Threshing is the process of removing grain or edible parts of a plant from its stalk. This happens at the end of summer. Threshing is a difficult and time-consuming process, which took even more time 100 years ago than it does today. In the past, threshing was often a group activity - everyone in the family was involved and neighboring families would help each other during threshing season.

Learn more about the technology and traditions of threshing season in the midwest, and for farmers in Buffalo Grove in the early 1900s. 

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Tokens of Another Time

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While traveling was not as easy as it is today, the early residents of Buffalo Grove did travel to local fairs, Chicago, and even farther! Along the way, they picked up souvenirs to remember the place they visited or exciting events they attended. These souvenirs were kept safe for many years and sometimes passed down as heirlooms. This exhibit explores some of the mementos picked up from around the world and right around the corner.

What's in Style? C. 1890


Today, fashion changes constantly. But what was it like for the people that lived in Buffalo Grove over 100 years ago? The people of Buffalo Grove were always fashionable, keeping up on the latest trends from the big cities. Explore fashion trends from Buffalo Grove between 1850 and 1920, including everything from wedding dresses to undergarments.

You will learn about fashion in this exhibit by examining historic clothing and photographs in the Raupp Museum collection. This exhibit has six parts: learning about where people shopped for clothing, how clothes were made, men's fashion, women's fashion, hats, and undergarments.

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What's In The Barn?


Using historic photographs, we have an idea of what the farms of Buffalo Grove looked like between 1880 and 1970s. While it was popular to take photos from the outside, we don't have any of the inside of the barn!  

In this exhibit, we explore what was in the barn in our iconic photograph of John Raupp farm in 1910.  We take a closer look at the varied and important tools needed to complete work everyday for the farmers in Buffalo Grove and where you could find them. 

Winter Storm of 1938

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While this year has been the warmest December on record, April of 1938 was the opposite. In early April of 1938 a huge snow storm torn through the midwest, blanketing Buffalo Grove in snow.  Explore some of the history of that historic snowstorm around the Midwest and even a glimpse in Buffalo Grove.