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1960s: People Move In

Newspaper Photo

Levitt and Sons Toolbox, C. 1960s. Presented to home owners with the purchase of a Levitt Home in Buffalo Grove.

Buffalo Grove Did Not Stop Growing

After Al Frank built the first neighborhood, Levitt and Sons Real Estate Company came next. The company opened the Levitt and Sons’ Strathmore subdivision models in 1967 on Arlington Heights and Dundee Roads. By this time the population had reached 6,900. Buffalo Grove had transformed from a small farming community to a bustling suburb.

Take a look below at the price of some of the homes, and optional items in your home construction with Levitt and Sons!

Take Your Pick!

Levitt and Sons offered different styles and sizes of homes. You could pick or choose what features to add on, how many bedrooms, and the overall style of the home.  Explore below some of the pamphlets they would had out to interested buyers. Anything look appealing to you?