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1840-1958: Farming Everywhere


Caroline Raupp (br. Wagner) Feeding Chickens, C. 1910

Your Closest Neighbor in 1860 Buffalo Grove

In 1860, your closest neighbor in Buffalo Grove was not a hop, skip, or jump away -it was closer to 100 hops, skips, and jumps combined.

Buffalo Grove was a farming community from 1840 to 1960, bustling with chickens and cows but not many people. The farmers needed lots of space to plant vegetables, let the cows roam around, and set up chicken coops. 

Many of the same families that founded the area and started farming in the 1840s and 1850s stayed in Buffalo Grove into the mid 20th century. They built multiple homes, combined their families through multiple marriages, and shared many weekends at St. Mary Church together. Everyone went to school together at St. Mary's School. 

Some of those founding families include:

  • Raupp
  • Weidner
  • Firnbach
  • Dittrich
  • Leikam
  • Popp
  • Horcher
  • Nickol
  • Spoerlein
  • Brehm

Buffalo Grove Street Photo, C. 1909. Current view of Buffalo Grove Road facing South.

This quiet community lasted over 100 years, but as Chicago became a popular spot to live, so did communities like Buffalo Grove...

1840-1958: Farming Everywhere