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February, 1963 Meeting Speaker.

Education for All

The Nurses Club identified that continuing education for local nurses and health professionals was an important value of their club. 

Guest speakers frequented their club meetings and presented on a wide range of health topics, such as mental health, disabilities, health services in other countries, public health and infant welfare, drugs, and even specialized surgical equipment.  These talks were important for the nurses to keep up-to-date on medical practices and equipment, providing the best possible services to their community. 


Featured Speakers in 1963 Meetings.

Speakers covered a variety of health topics. 


Nursing as a Career

The Nurses Club also provided outreach to local schools about the medical profession and becoming a nurse. In the photo on the left, they had a table of information on nursing for students at Jack London Junior High School in October, 1967. 

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Scholarships for Nursing

The Nurses Club also provided numerous scholarships to students who were pursuing a career in nursing. Featured on the right are two advertisements in local church bulletins asking for applications for the Wheeling-Buffalo Grove Nurses Club scholarships in 1968. The program was awarding $300.00 for a student to use toward a professional nursing program.  This program grew throughout the years, and the Club was able to provide scholarships to multiple prospective students. 

scholarship 1.jpg

Scholarship Winners, July, 1968.