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The Raupp Museum Online Database

Recent Donations

The Raupp Museum actively collects objects, documents, photos, and books that help us tell the story of Buffalo Grove. Sometimes those objects are over 100 years old, and sometimes the objects are from more recent events. Take a look at some of the collections donated this year!

Machine, Sewing

Treadle Singer Sewing Machine

C. 1910

This sewing machine was all mechanical - you pushed on the metal grate pedal on the bottom to move the leather belt (attached at different points) that would in turn move the sewing needle up and down. You can try out this artifact in the Museum's main gallery.


Books about the History of Buffalo Grove

  • Dedication of St. Mary's Church, 1980
  • St. Mary's Church 1947-1961
  • The History of Buffalo Grove, 2008
  • Saint Mary's, Buffalo Grove 1847-1972

These books are great resources for our archives. They help us piece together the history of Buffalo Grove, and in particular Saint Mary Parish. 

Doll Doll

Five dolls

C. 1940s-1960s

Popular toys and collectibles change throughout time. These dolls were collected by a young girl in the 1940s to 1960s.  Featured here are two of the dolls from the collection.

Vernon Township Assessors Log


This log book contains all real estate values of individuals living in Vernon Township in 1851. It also contains a count of livestock on each property. This book is an important piece of local history, and documents some of the first European settlers into the area. 

Recent Donations