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The Parade

The highlight of Buffalo Grove Days has always been the parade. In early years, the parade looked a little different though...

Float Contest

For over 60 years, Buffalo Grove Days has featured a parade with lots of floats, and a float contest. Pictured below is the 1st place float from the 1966 parade. The float was a river boat with lots of colorful flags decorating the sides. Children in costume rode on the top of the float, and a person dressed as Abraham Lincoln sat on the lower level. Winners of the float contest were awarded big trophies. 


Miss Buffalo Grove Contestants, C. 1971

Miss Buffalo Grove 

The Miss Buffalo Grove Contest, which occured in May, crowned Miss Buffalo Grove to represent the village in events like Buffalo Grove Days. Miss Buffalo Grove rode around in her own car or float during the parade. This event only occured during the 1960s and 1970s.

The magazine featured on the right, had all the information about the Miss Buffalo Grove Contest in 1972. There was a schedule, judge information, and pictures of all the contestants. 

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