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The Homemakers Contest

Buffalo Grove Days also offered a chance for residents to show off their skills. The Homemakers Contest was open to residents of all ages to compete in the areas of Baking, Gardening, and Sewing. Winners would get ribbons for 1st -3rd place, and also points for each ribbon won. The contestant with the most total points from all of the categories combined was given a trophy as Homemaker of the Year.

The last Homemakers Contest was held in the early 1980s.


Events Entry Form, C. 1965

What could you enter in the contest?

In 1965, you could have entered 9 times, just in the baking division! The categories were broken down as follows:

Cakes: Chocolate, Yellow, Miscellaneous
Pies: Apple, Cherry, Lemon Meringue
Cookies: Chocolate chip, Brownies, Miscellaneous

The only rule was that everything had to be made from scratch, no box mixes were allowed.

Explore some of our collection of prize ribbons from the Homemaking Contest. Click on a prize ribbon below to learn more about it. These prize ribbons are from the 1960s and 1970s. They were awarded for canning, baking, sewing, and gardening. 

The Homemakers Contest