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Typewriter, Manual
One (1) green metal and plastic typewriter with dark green keys, a flat boxy design with curved corners. Silver metal key strokes, black belt, and silver metal latch on the left side. Green plastic knobs on each end of the runner. It is enclosed in…

IBM Computer
Desktop: Grey/White plastic covering with 2 atachment cords: one to monitor, the other to keyboard. Vents present for air + cooling. Monitor attaches on top of CPU. Red power button.

Monitor: Faded white computer monitor with dark screen. IBM…

Telephone, Cellular
One (1) plastic blue, white, and gray Nokia cellular phone. Blue rectangular cell phone with opaque white sides and an extendable antennae. Has white rubber buttons and a green LCD screen. "NOKIA" is embossed in white on front and back. Has a dark…

One (1) metal typewriter with three rows of yellowed keys, silver space bar, and carriage. Model is stripped down without casing. Oval, copper, engraved plate with the manufacturer logo on the handle near the carriage.

One (1) typewriter with the title Olivetti Lettera 32 made by Olivetti between the years 1964 to 1977. The metal casing is green. The keys are plastic and are black with white letters, with the exception of the "TAB" key that is red with black…

Typewriter with dark green metal casing and plastic buttons. The number 9 model is distinguished by right and left shift keys and a two-color ribbon. Olivers are "down strike" typewriters, meaning the typebars strike the roller from above. It allows…

Projector, Filmstrip
Metal filmstrip projector with removable electrical two-prong cord. Projector is painted black with a crackle finish. Two reels are mounted on metal pegs and are removable. Short lens protrudes out of a box near three circular color filters in red,…
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