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Tokens of Another Time

1997.21.001 open.JPG

While traveling was not as easy as it is today, the early residents of Buffalo Grove did travel to local...

What's in Style? C. 1890


Today, fashion changes constantly. But what was it like for the people that lived in Buffalo Grove over 100 years...

Historic Cookbook Gallery


Take this Thanksgiving holiday to explore Thanksgiving receipes from the historic cookbooks in our collection. This gallery features photos of...

Print, Photographic


One (1) color photograph of young girls marching in the Buffalo Grove Days Parade in 1969. Girls are wearing matching blue shorts with a blue and…



One (1) cardboard paper color Christmas postcard. Features a drawing of two children on a sled. A girl in a red coat is in front with her hands in a…



One (1) cardboard paper color Christmas postcard. Features a small drawing of a barn and pond, with a holly border. Underneath is printed "I'm hoping…



One (1) cardboard paper color Christmas postcard. Features an image of a women and baby, both with halos above their head. The woman is wearing a red…