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The Raupp Museum Online Database features online exhibits and collections (objects, archives, photographs) from the Raupp Museum to showcase the rich history of Buffalo Grove, Illinois. To research items in our collection, select browse artifacts above or search for objects by name or catalog number in the search bar.

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Women in Buffalo Grove: The Nurses Club

pic 1.jpg

There are many women who have played an important role in making Buffalo Grove a great place to live throughout...

What's in Style? C. 1890


Today, fashion changes constantly. But what was it like for the people that lived in Buffalo Grove over 100 years...

Five Days at the Firnbach & Raupp General Store


The Firnbach & Raupp General Store was an essential part of the Buffalo Grove community. It was the place where...

Print, Photographic


One (1) black and white photograph postcard. On the front is a photo of Josephine Hoenner Welter. She is standing with her right hand resting on a…



White vinyl photograph album with gold lettering on cover and metal ringbound pages. Album contains grids of black and white portraits of students and…



One (1) cardboard paper color Christmas postcard. Features an image of a women and baby, both with halos above their head. The woman is wearing a red…


1995.06.02.13 front.jpg

One (1) gold and yellow rosary. The beads are yellow glass on a metal chain. The center piece has the image of Jesus on the front with the words…